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 Barrington S. Tate   2016-01-20 17:15:07 

Paula, I am knocked out with your beautiful paintings! You sure got the painting gene honestly! Stunning examples in every category. Thanks so much for sending me your website link! I have bookmarked this. Love your work, Barry Tate
 Jan Stamos   2015-09-27 08:44:10 

Your work is fabulous; I love it.  The vintage photographs evoke a wonderful feeling of history and family.  
 Marcia Donahue   2015-01-04 18:17:37 

I hope to see your work in the "flesh" when I come to visit. It shouldn't be shrunken down to screen size but I can see enough to know I want to see more. Good to meet you and Henry today!!
 Sondi Henry   2014-01-27 11:21:35 

Hi Cousin, just wanted to say hi. Alkyl check out your website when I get home. My mom sent me the link.
Love you,
 Sondi Henry   2014-01-27 11:21:29 

Hi Cousin, just wanted to say hi. Alkyl check out your website when I get home. My mom sent me the link.
Love you,
 Sondi Henry   2014-01-27 11:21:21 

Hi Cousin, just wanted to say hi. Alkyl check out your website when I get home. My mom sent me the link.
Love you,
 Sondi Henry   2014-01-27 11:20:36 

Hi Cousin, just wanted to say hi. Alkyl check out your website when I get home. My mom sent me the link.
Love you,
 Nanette Shapiro   2013-09-23 04:28:10 

Love your work and the spirit behind. Beautiful layers and fluidity.
 tai   2013-08-06 07:39:00 

Paula, your web page on Mesart comes right to you when you google your name.  Seems to be okay.  Joining today.  

How much is the work in progress collage- "healing" -  looks great as is, what is the material.  tai.
 Linda Mammini   2011-06-10 21:01:58 

It was wonderful talking to you the other day at the store(seams to fit)....and now to see your work...absolutely wonderful!!!! Thank you for inviting me in....Linda
 Tree Spaulding   2010-02-20 07:51:59 

I love your site. Great colors. And of course, I love your work, too! Complex, yet simple.
 Sharlene   2010-01-30 09:18:47 

Dear Paula,,

Your art evokes a quiet and gentle beauty, which speaks loudly.  I truly enjoyed your Portfolio.  "Something Out There" creates a powerful mystery.  The unique process is very interesting.  All of your work was enjoyable.  You are a wonderful artist.  Best wishes for continued success.  

Peace and Love,
 Cyn. Zarco   2009-10-07 04:28:44 

You go, Paula Price!
My, you been busy...!

I can still see you in the silkscreen studio at Berkeley...
...your eyebrows arched...your big eyes smiling...
that laugh...ha-huhh-huh

Keep on keepin' on!
Your girl is 20?! Shhhhh....

 Deborah Rochelle-Williams   2009-10-06 00:52:06 

I am so happy that a mutual friend shared your work with me. I really appreciate all your work. Your work is quite captivating!!!
Love it ,Love it!!!
Wishing you all the best with your creations
and continued success, Paula
 Leslie Faucher   2009-10-05 20:17:59 

Paula, I Love Your Web Site !!!!
The Colors, Textures, Intensity ...and of course
Your Signature Style...A Perfect Blend of
Elegance  and Raw Truth
Much Love and an Abundance of Sucess, My Beautiful Sister

 esther   2009-10-05 17:59:30 

Fantastic Paula!! I totally love the website! I can't wait until I make a lot of money, so I can finally buy some of your great work!

Truly inspirational!!

 Duane   2009-10-04 18:20:24 

Your work is still bringing a big smile to my face! Your website is lookin' good. See you at TAOLB 2010.
 ayana   2009-09-27 18:06:26 

Looking great my dear sister! So glad we spoke today.
Sending love always,
 Tara (Marsha)   2009-08-18 13:33:11 


You look simply mah-velous!  The same great smile & expressive eyes I remember - just no huge afro anymore!  Your work is fantastic!  Can't wait for us to get together one day soon!
 deborah gorman   2007-06-13 09:06:12 

Beautiful work, rich and deep. I'll email you. Deborah
 Henry Young   2006-11-17 18:57:45 

Great work Paula , I'm very impressed with your subject matter it's very powerful and thought provoking I knew you were talented but you never mention your art.  I would love to attend a showing of your work.

Henry Young
 Chaya Spector   2006-03-15 17:04:36 

Hi Paula
I saw your work a year or so ago at the WCRC and loved it. We spoke for awhile and since then I have been playign around with beeswax and would love to take a class from you. I love your use of personal history and storey telling.  Please let me know if you have any classes set up.
 TheArthur Wright   2005-11-24 10:15:00 

Hi Paula

Saw your work of your familys images on TV several nights ago on a show hosted by Richard Rountree (Shaft fame).  With great pleasure I felt, Yeah, I know her!  it was the same work you had at Sargent Johnson (Ithink) early this year.  Great work, great exposure for a great artist and friend.  Continued success!
 Ron Carter   2005-11-02 23:22:20 

Your use of Space is so cool!...Impressive juxta-position of humor and diatribe...

Well done indeed!!!!!

I look forward to seeing more of your work soon!


 Gary Lafayette   2005-08-31 01:23:23 

I really like your work.  Where do you exhibit?
 Gwen Poindexter   2005-05-25 14:25:22 

I agree with all the messages posted here. You look like the true artist that you are in the picture.  This site is wonderful and your collages are beautiful.  You are on your way.
 Lois Corrin   2005-03-07 23:36:16 

you go girl! nice to see this you on the web!
 Nadia   2005-02-26 14:20:18 

Hi Paula,
What a great website! I was browsing around and your artwork is absolutely and uniquely you! Wishing you much success!

Nadia Fusager

 Carla J. Patterson   2005-02-25 10:20:47 

This looks great!  I love the picture you put in of yourself - tells a lot about you in that look (open, kind, intuitive, skilled, and more).  I like the pieces you've posted also - good work and I'm sure it will lead to some commissions.  I'm hoping to make it to the Cancer Research Center event - so far I've been swamped and missed everything else.  Crossing my fingers. :)

 Duane M. Conliffe   2005-02-14 00:48:34 

Hi Paula,

I aspire to make collages that are as beautiful, informative, personal and funny as yours. I really enjoy your work. It brings a big smile to my face. Thanks for sharing your creativity and legacy with us!

Photographically yours,
 Felicia Filer   2005-02-09 10:28:01 


Congratulations on your upcomming exhibitions!  I am impressed by the quiet beauty of your work, the rich textures and vibrant colors. Continued success.  My best to the family.


 Renata Gray   2005-02-02 15:32:30 

Right on Sistahgirl! I TOTALLY feel
"To All Those Who Think"

 kristen jensen   2005-02-02 14:31:55 

Paula:  Your site is great. I enjoyed the work and I especially enjoyed reading the descriptions of your pieces, some of which I had seen before.
 Lisa Glicksman   2005-02-01 12:37:38 

Paula, Some beautiful, adventurous work shown here! I especially liked Jemima Haiku and And the Sea; also how you integrated your son's drawing into 1 of your paintings.


 Dad   2005-01-31 13:31:27 


You are into some things I havn't seen. I
really like what I see! Very creative work.

Love, Dad
 Jeanette   2005-01-12 16:12:01 

Great work, Paula. Looking forward to more.

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