Paula deJoie
To All Those Who Think
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To All Those Who Think
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Photo image tranfer, collage. This image was inspired by overhearing Bay Area teenagers speaking to each other in language that I found to be degrading and insulting. I felt that they wouldn't call each other these names if they knew more of their history...if they knew that their ancestors died so that we could all receive an education and that they carried themselves with dignity and grace. This may sound "old school" to young people but still...I doubt that many of these same young people know who Phylis Wheatly was or could name the works of James Baldwin, much less Jean Toomer. This image depicts photos of the 1911 graduating class of Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas contrasted with the "n" and "b" labels I hear too much of. My goal here, as with most of my work, is simply to get people to think and perhaps to discuss what is being presented to them in a provocative and hopefully, an aesthetically pleasing manner.
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